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Supplement Manufacturing Services

Services at Private Label Supplement provide your supplement line superior quality in all aspects. It’s our job to ensure your product line meets and exceeds your customer’s expectations. We ensure that you are taken care of each step of the way, providing you with a quality line of products and happy customers for years to come. We also make it our objective to offer services well beyond exceptional manufacturing for your private label manufacturing needs. Private Label Supplement believes that a true full service partnership will enable your vitamins and supplements to prosper in your target market.

Key Benefits from Working with Private Label Supplement:

  • We are a cGMP certified private label contract manufacturer in the Nutraceutical, vitamin and supplement manufacturing industry.
  • We have extended our expertise by expanding our team with seasoned professionals to help you create your brand, successfully plan the financial aspects of your business, offer Website development and site marketing through Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing.
  • Our labeling and packaging options far exceed those of our competition.
  • We offer the lowest rates and top service with order fulfillment.
  • We stand behind our work and offer you supplement manufacturing product liability support.
  • Most of all, we offer client satisfaction time and again.

We are confident you are making the right choice with Private Label Supplement as your supplement manufacturing partner. You’ll remember the first supplement product we bring to  market together many years from now when we are leaders in the industry together. Private Label Supplement is offering you a business partnership that is proven, profitable, reliable and successful.