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Life's unexpected obstacles can knock you off course. Sometimes it takes time to recover one's physical and emotional equilibrium after emergency surgery or an accident, for example. The length of your convalescence depends on the nature of the experience that befell you. A complicated surgery, or a protracted period in intensive care, could lead to a lengthy rehabilitation period. Sometimes your recovery is more about regaining your emotional balance than regaining your physical strength. You may even - temporarily - lose your nerve for confronting the outside world.

Fortunately, Private Label Supplement can offer you a range of products to enable you to recover faster from trauma.

Just one tablet per day of RNA + DNA, containing Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), for example, may shorten recovery from illness, could contribute to improved memory, may aid in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and reduce symptoms of depression.

L-Glutamine 500 mg is particularly beneficial to those recovering after recent cancer surgery or a session of chemotherapy. In particular, it provides relief from soreness and swelling inside one's mouth caused by chemotherapy treatment for cancer. It also eases the side effects from chemotherapy in breast cancer patients, boosts health post-surgery and increases energy while, simultaneously, diminishing cravings for sugar.

Shark Cartilage 740 mg is another supplement that could aid in the control of breast, ovarian, cervical, pancreatic, kidney and prostate cancer. One capsule, ingested four to six times daily, can also improve the efficiency of your digestive system and could be beneficial in treating eye complications.

Or you could try Antioxidant SuperFruit, containing various fruit extracts - including apple, strawberry, cranberry, acacia fiber, carrot, cherry, blackberry, red raspberry, acerola, blackberry, black raspberry and pomegranate. This supplement, which provides missing antioxidants from your diet, boosts your overall health, helps to fight off disease and chronic illness and helps prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's and heart disease.