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As we grow older we all find it slightly harder to learn new things and retain new knowledge. We also find ourselves becoming more forgetful. We may, for example, remember what we were doing as children but forget what we had for breakfast. In more serious cases, of course, short-term memory loss can be an early warning of a long-term mental decline.

There are supplements you can take, however, to help your brain stay on top of the game and boost your retentive powers. One softgel per day of Super Cod Liver Oil + may help you to avoid contracting Alzheimer's Disease. As with most of our supplements, it has a multifunctional purpose, also helping to combat depression, promote protection from irregular heart beat and counteract breast pain.

Or you could try Super Guarana 1200 mg. Just two tablets a day of this supplement, containing Calcium and Super Guarana Seed Extract (a climbing plant native to the maple family originating in the Amazon basin) help you to improve your mental alertness, increases blood pressure in people who have low blood pressure and eases symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Or you could try one capsule of Maca Root Extract 500 mg, a supplement containing Maca extract that helps enhance energy and endurance in athletic performance and helps alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It will also improve your memory.