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Raspberry Ketone Complex 120 Count

Apart from the benefits of Raspberry Ketone which serves to regulate adiponectine in the body, this powerful complex includes a variety of other substances which are known for their weight loss properties. 

African Mango is known to act as a purgative. Separate studies in 2005, 2008 and 2009 demonstrated that the intake of African Mango results in greater weight-loss, body-fat loss and an improvement in blood pressure. 

Acai fruit and Green Тea are natural antioxidants which help neutralizing free radicals in the body, slow down aging and reduce the risk of cancer and heart-related diseases. 

Resveratrol is a substance which is produced by a number of plants as a type of defensive mechanism. It has been shown to have cardioprotective, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory effects, amongst others. 

A 2009 study in Japan demonstrated that a regular intake of certain amounts of Apple Cider Vinegar can have positive effects in reducing obesity. It is also thought that Apple Cider Vinegar prolongs the feeling of satiety and thus regulates hunger. 

Kelp, a seaweed that has been used for many centuries in Asia and Europe, is a very good source of iodine and iron. A 2010 study by the University of Newcastle demonstrated that Kelp was also good at preventing fat absorption.

Finally, Grapefruits have been shown to lower cholesterol and to have strong antimicrobial properties. This combination of supplements is a powerful boost for your weight-loss efforts.


  • Studies show African Mango combined with Raspberry Ketone may increase effectiveness
  • Possible cellulite reduction
  • May induce fat loss & control weight gain
  • Fluid retention reduction
  • May aid in burning carbs at an increased rate
  • Possible appetite suppressant
  • May supply additional energy without the jitters
  • No known side effects
  • Equivalent to consuming 1,000 Red Raspberries

Experts say there is no better combination for weight loss. Check out our Blog to learn more about Raspberry Ketone.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings per Container: 60

Amount per Serving % DV
Proprietary Blend: 1,200 mg *

Raspberry Ketone, African Mango Extract (Irvingia Gabonensis), Acai Fruit, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, Caffeine Anhydrous, Apple Cider Vinegar (powder), Kelp, Grapefruit (powder)

* Daily Value (DV) not established.

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Special Note

We offer Raspberry Ketone Complex as a Private Label Supplement, available to create your own personal and unique brand name, logo and packaging. We can also assist you in creating unique labels and packaging for Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. Our Private Label Vitamins and Supplements are manufactured according to the latest FDA specified cGMP standards.

Product Usage: Take one to two servings daily.
Bottle Count: 120
Form: Capsule
Form Size: #00
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 60
Bottle Size: 250cc
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Bottle/Lid Color: White HDPE Bottle/ White Ribbed Lid
Product Code: SJ1463
Product Type: Antioxidants, Weight Management
Category: Weight Management

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